Vigilant Eye

Oversight Without The Overhead

Vigilant Eye is the innovation for financial oversight and transparency that is transforming what it means to know how your money is really being used when it leaves your control. Vigilant Eye’s proprietary software connects all of your banking, credit cards, payroll, expense accounts, etc. simultaneously, allowing you to be notified of out of the ordinary expenses and red flags before fraud or embezzlement occurs. Made possible by the disruptive effect emerging financial technology has had on the traditional banking industry, Vigilant Eye harnesses the latest data science techniques and unprecedented access to bank data to distribute the financial oversight function as never before.

“Vigilant Eye discovered spending discrepancies that I never would have found. Catching it before it got out of control literally saved my business.”

Joel B., Ft. Lauderdale Business Owner

Because You Can’t Delegate Diligence,
There’s Vigilant Eye


Small Business Fraud Stats

Data from 2018 ACFE Report to the Nations

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