The Vigilant Eye affiliate program allows qualifying professionals to distribute the Vigilant Eye application to their clients and receive a recurring monthly commission on each account in perpetuity so long as the account remains active.


The expectation gap between you and your clients as it pertains to fraud can become a point of contention and unnecessary litigation when fraud is later discovered that your services were not designed or intended to identify. By becoming a Vigilant Eye affiliate you are taking a proactive step in the fight against fraud and to protect your client’s assets. Additionally, your client will have access to bank account transactions in digital format ready for review at the click of a button which can increase your productivity and eliminate data entry or searching through boxes of paper files in the event you need to review bank statements. Lastly, you will earn recurring passive income for each account you obtain as a Vigilant Eye affiliate.


You are well aware of the unnecessary and often unproductive expense that comes with the allegation and investigation of embezzlement claims. By partnering with Vigilant Eye to offer our fraud detection and monitoring software you can facilitate a level of oversight to your clients they would not otherwise be capable of. If disputes arise you will have the ability to review digital records in an instant to assess the credibility of a potential claim or action. You will bring value to your client while simultaneously creating passive income for your practice.

Other Professionals

If you are in a profession that serves business clients and would like to offer our service as an affiliate please contact us to inquire about your eligibility.

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