All bank/credit card account transactions pulled directly from your bank then aggregated, classified, and analyzed for employee theft/embezzlement in real time. Transaction data cannot be altered as it can in accounting software.

Small and medium sized business (SMB) owners. This product is designed specifically with the business owner in mind to bring you exactly what you need to know without over complicating it. Your Vigilant Eye account should remain exclusively under your control.

Experience has shown that SMBs with fewer than 100 employees over represent the burden of internal fraud loss. This is because you are forced to do more with less and do not have the resources to dedicate to sophisticated internal control procedures and segregation of duties.

Financial Oversight Tool

Vigilant Eye for Boards, office managers, presidents, CFOs; You would not have hired them if you did not trust them. However, ALL cases of fraud or embezzlement are committed by people in trusted roles which is what makes these crimes so personal and devastating. Even businesses owners who believe they have numerous controls in place to prevent internal theft, take for granted the power of an employee to defeat controls and deceive the ownership when they are left in positions with little day to day oversight.

When you register with Vigilant Eye you will be taken through a short questionnaire to teach Vigilant Eye what types of vendors you regularly transact with and what types you would be alarmed to see. Additionally, we use our proprietary algorithms and analytics to establish base line spending habits on the frequency and dollar amount of all transactions by vendor and by category. This provides a level of detail and historical data processing that would be impossible to replicate without computer assistance. All transaction data is pulled directly from your bank accounts so the records cannot be manipulated as they can in accounting software.

Vigilant Eye uses powerful software to classify each transaction in real time from all business bank and credit card accounts. Know in a moment your total spending sum from all connected accounts on gas, dining, utilities, checks, specific vendors and more. Review your monthly report to see month to month comparisons. See all spending classifications as a ratio of income. Take the pulse of your business at the click of a button.

Vigilant Eye for Business is not designed to replace your accounting software but to operate completely independent of it. Your bookkeeper can continue to manage your books and assign expenditures to accounts, but Vigilant Eye will be there to tell you without question where your funds are actually going. You will have a level of insight and understanding into your cash flows that will keep your bookkeeper on their toes and eliminate any perception that they can conceal misappropriations from your detection.

Once you establish your Vigilant Eye for Business account, the software will analyze 6 months of transactions in an instant. You will know in moments if there has been any unusual activity in the past and maintain a forensic accountant level of scrutiny moving forward to give you peace of mind.


$ 89 /month

  • Link up to 3 Financial Institutions
  • Transactions Excel Export
  • Restricted Use Merchants


$ 129 /month

  • Co-Owner Logins (Max 3)
  • Multiple Entities (Max 3)
  • Unlimited Financial Institutions
  • Restricted Use Merchants
  • Transactions Excel Export
  • Fraud / Ethics Training Module
  • Customizable Tip Reporting Portal
  • Custom Fraud Policy Review / Recommendations
  • 5hrs Per Year Of Expert Fraud Consulting / Exam Services